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  • Wednesday 5th

High-performance Building Design - Applications and Future Trends

This seminar will present applications of new technologies and design concepts to achieve the goal of high-performance buildings, including net-zero or nearly net-zero energy buildings. The content will discuss exactly what a high-performance building is from the perspective of various stakeholders. High-performance is more than just energy efficiency, and this seminar will address issues and methods for providing high-performance in areas beyond energy efficiency, such as indoor environmental quality. The seminar will also cover future trends toward high-performance buildings across the globe, and summarise how ASHRAE Standards (existing and those in development) address these topics.

Tom Lawerence

Tom Lawrence, Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP   

Dr Tom Lawrence is a Senior Public Service Associate and coordinator for the mechanical engineering degree program at the University of Georgia, and he has 30+ years of professional engineering experience. Before going back for his PhD in mechanical engineering, he spent approximately 20 years in industry and consulting. He is the past chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.8 Building Environmental Impact and Sustainability, and he is a member of the committee that wrote ASHRAE Standard 189.1 on high-performance green buildings.

As an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, he gives presentations and workshops on green building design around the world. He is the Chair of the editorial committee that produced the 4th edition revision to the ASHRAE Green Guide. Dr Lawrence has a BS with highest distinction honors in environmental science from Purdue University, an MS in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University, and a second MS degree in engineering management from Washington University. He received a PhD in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, with a research topic focused on demand control ventilation.



  • Thursday 6th

Street & Exterior Lighting

Time: 10.30am - 12.40pm

Location: Merrion Room

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Objective: The objective of this session is to learn from best practice examples from Europe of strategic approaches and models and inform the development of a business case for Irish public lighting stock. The RMO will present on Ireland’s current status and plans for retrofitting public lights. This will be followed by presentation from countries, similar to Ireland, who have or are the process of significant large scale public lighting retrofits. Project development supports in the EU and project financing options will be outlined.  Finally, there will be a panel discussion on the various project models, and what models or approaches that could work in Ireland, including maximising the potential of EU support.

Who should attend: Lighting contractors, Local Authorities, Lighting Suppliers, Lighting Designers, Public Bodies with Street & Exterior Lighting interests

The Geothermal Association of Ireland

Time: 10:00am - 15.15pm

Location: Committee Room

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The Geothermal Association of Ireland conference theme is focussed on – Decarbonising heat with geothermal energy resources.

Session 1 will demonstrate opportunities for ground source and geothermal energy technology as part of large-scale heating schemes in Ireland.  The session will explore how geothermal can play a key role in decarbonising the heat sector. 

Session 2 will present practical examples from Europe and Ireland where geothermal forms a cornerstone of delivering low carbon energy solutions at city scale but will also look at examples of key aspects of implementation of geothermal systems and how these need to be integrated with sustainable design and integrated with other renewable energies.

The conference is targeted at engineers, architects, energy planners and professionals involved in the development of geothermal and ground source systems.

Planning Successful Energy & Corporate Sustainability Training Programmes at Large Production Sites

Time: 11.00am - 12.15pm

Location: Presidents Room

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This workshop offers participants an opportunity to share their experiences and learn from the practical experiences of others in the development and rollout of corporate wide Energy & Resource Efficiency Training Programmes. It will offer insights into building the business case and assessing the impact of such programmes.

Analysis of performance gaps and poor Energy KPI achievement indicates a need for integrated training interventions for production sites to embed long term sustainable skills in areas such as:

Site wide All-Staff Behavioural Change Programmes

Application of Lean Energy Management across large production sites

Water Management

ISO50001 certification and maintenance

International Standard and best practice training

Emerging Technologies

Target Audience: Energy Managers/EHS/HR/Training/Finance/Marketing

During this workshop delegates will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others in the development and rollout of such programmes across hundreds of large production and service sites across Ireland including at leaders such as Vistakon, ABP, GSK and many others.

The workshop is facilitated by the National Lean Water & Energy Skillnet, an industry-led training network for large water & energy users across Ireland. It is funded by member companies & the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. Funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.