Step 2: Choose a registered contractor


All works must be completed by a SEAI Registered contractor.  Please note that the contractor must be registered for the particular measure that they are undertaking. To view all registered contractors please click the button below.

Registered Contractors list - click here

The following should be noted:

Getting Quotes: SEAI recommends that you contact a number of contractors to discuss the works you want done and to get quotes for the job.

Contract for works:  SEAI require that homeowners and contractors have a contract for works in place before works commence. Please click here for an example of such a contract.

Check references: While comparing the quotes which you have received, and before you make any final decision, request the prospective contractors to provide reference homes where they have completed similar works. Make sure you contact the references supplied (again try for two or more).

Changing Contractors: A homeowner may use a different contractor from that indicated in their original application. However, the new contractor should be identified when requesting grant payment and it is the homeowner’s responsibility to verify that the new contractor is registered with SEAI for the measure at time of undertaking the works. To check this you can call 1890 927000 or go to our registered contractors list.

BER:  Following completion of grant works, a BER must be completed and published by a registered BER Assessor within the 6 month grant offer period. A list of registered BER assessors can be found here or by calling 1890 734237.

Contractor doing works on own home: Contractors may undertake work in their own homes and be eligible for grant payment, however only costs for materials may be calmed.  Labour costs are not eligible in these circumstances. SEAI will require an invoice of material costs before payment will be made.

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