Step 7: Get paid


Payment is made directly into the bank account indicated on your Request for Payment Form which is included in your grant offer letter.

Payment takes on average 4-6 weeks from the date that completed paperwork is received to payment into the account. Confirmation of payment will be sent via email (online applicants) or post (postal applicants)

To ensure successful payment please note the following:

Incorrect or incomplete paperwork will delay payment:

The timeline of 4-6 weeks is based on the provision that we receive correct and completed paperwork. If your paperwork is not in order, it may be sent back to you for further information or clarification.

Bank account provided must be eligible to take EFTs or 'Electronic Funds Transfers':

Most current accounts can accept this form of payment. Please confirm with your bank if you are unsure. Please note you cannot nominate your credit unions account for payment.

Your home may be selected for inspection before or after payment:

Selection for inspection is random. Once selected you must facilitate access to the home where works were undertaken. If the inspection fails you must give access to your contractor to rectify the works. SEAI recommends that you facilitate requests for access to your home as failure to do so will cause delay in grant payment and/or request for refund.
The inspections may identify the need for additional works to be done to bring your home up to standard required for grant payment. These additional works must be completed by your registered contractor. Failure to remedy any works may result in grant payment being declined or rescinded.

SEAI may decline grant payment requests:

If terms and conditions of the scheme are not met. In these instances the homeowner will be sent a letter outlining the reason for the decline. The homeowner may appeal SEAIs decision. Appeals must be submitted to SEAI in writing. Appeals should detail reasons why the applicant could not adhere to the terms of the scheme and where appropriate should contain supporting information from the contractor or BER assessor.

Appeal should be submitted to:

The Appeals Panel
Better Energy Homes scheme
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.O. Box 119, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry

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