List of Registered Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme Dealers

Each Dealer must be first authorised by the Vehicle Importer to trade a particular make or model of electric vehicle.  These Dealers are nominated to SEAI for inclusion and registration with the Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme.  SEAI then invites each Dealer to register with the EV Grant Scheme.

During the course of the Scheme SEAI ensures that each Dealer remains compliant with the terms of participation for Scheme.

A list of Dealers currently registered to participate in the Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme is provided here.

As with purchasing any product it is recommended that a customer contact a number of Dealers to obtain the best price for your vehicle before committing to a vehicle purchase.

Each Dealer will be familiar with the operation of the EV Gant Scheme and will assist you in securing grant support for your chosen vehicle.  The Dealer will also be able to assist you with regard to all queries in relation to vehicle performance and specification.

List of Dealers in Ireland



Audi | BMW | Hyundai | Mitsubishi | Nissan | Renault | Volkswagen | Volvo




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