Making more while consuming less

In 2012 the Cork facility became the first legacy EMC site worldwide to become ISO 50001 certified


Dell EMC Cork has reduced its energy-related carbon emissions by over 15,000 tonnes since 2008



Dell EMC provides data storage, information security, analytics, and other data products and services for businesses. The company established its first Irish facility in Cork in 1988, the first legacy EMC manufacturing facility outside of North America. Today, Dell EMC has three sites in Ireland with 1,900 people employed at the Dell EMC Ireland Centre of Excellence Cork.

Dell EMC Cork is a united cross-functional campus of expertise, knowledge and innovation across multiple business units. In 2010 the campus became a centre of excellence (COE) incorporating research and development, one of only seven legacy EMC COEs worldwide. It is the largest manufacturing site of Dell EMC outside of the US and has emerged as a leader in Dell EMC's initiative to develop energy efficient information infrastructure technologies.

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Approach to energy efficiency

The Dell EMC energy team was formed in 2003 with a view to defining a structured energy reduction programme. The team implemented IS393 in 2008, transitioned to EN 16001 in 2009 and in 2012 the Dell EMC COE Cork became the first legacy EMC site worldwide to become ISO50001 certified.

The Dell EMC Cork facility can be likened to a shopping centre where each business unit operates in very different spaces, from manufacturing equipment to operating as a datacentre. The energy team works with each of the business units within the facility, firstly to understand how their day to day business operates, and then engaging with them to identify energy saving opportunities. This ensures that all business units within the facility are pulling together to achieve energy savings and there is effective management and control of energy usage onsite. The collaborative approach, led by the energy team, has also resulted in a blended approach to the implementation of energy saving ideas.


Activity and Savings Achieved

The structured approach to energy management adopted by the Dell EMC energy team has led to a 38% electrical energy reduction and a 36% natural gas reduction since 2008. This has culminated in Dell EMC reducing its energy-related carbon emissions by over 15,000 tonnes in this period (between 2008 and 2016), the equivalent of 20GWh annualised energy savings. This has consequently resulted in a 48% electricity cost decrease over the same period ensuring that the site remains competitive in the global economic market.

To further put these savings in context, in 2007 Dell EMC Ireland COE consumed enough electricity to power 10,500 average homes for 12 months; in 2015 that reduced to just fewer than 7,500 homes, representing a phenomenal saving.

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Legacy EMC has been active members of SEAI’s Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) since joining in 2005. As a member of the Energy Agreements Programme, Dell EMC is involved in several initiatives which focus on driving technological innovation, including the LIEN special working groups and special investigations. They also work closely with i2e2, the R&D technology centre, and engage with local research institutions on one-off projects. Dell EMC’s hard work and determination to be innovation leaders has been recognised on more than one occasion in the SEAI Awards. In 2011 they were winners of the SEAI Energy Efficiency Award for their HVAC project, and were also shortlisted in 2012, 2015 and 2016.


Conclusion and Future Plans

The Dell EMC energy team will continue its programme to improve energy performance onsite further. The site is actively working to achieve corporate carbon reduction targets over the next few years. Dell EMC Ireland COE Cork has also recently entered into an electricity supply contract to ensure that the site is supplied with only certified renewable energy generated electricity, the first contract of its kind within the legacy EMC global network.