SEAI Achievements Statement

SEAI Publishes Achievements Statement Showing Supports of €113 million in Energy Upgrades with 2,650 Jobs Maintained

Over 1,100 Electric Vehicles Grant Aided to Date

Date 24th January, 2016: The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) today published its achievements statement for 2015 which shows how €47 million government support through the Better Energy programme secured €113 million of building energy efficiency upgrades. More than 2,600 jobs were supported completing the works in almost 22,000 homes and community buildings. Separately, organisations supported by SEAI's business and public sector programmes saved over €150 million.

SEAI also provided substantial support to the development and deployment of clean energy technologies including €4.7 million for ocean and renewable energies and €2.7 million grant aid towards 562 electric vehicles (EVs). This brings the total number of grant aided EVs on the road to over 1,100.

Speaking today, Mr William Walsh interim CEO of SEAI said "2015 was a monumental year for the sustainable energy and climate change agendas, internationally with the historic agreement at COP21 in Paris, and nationally with the publication of the Energy White Paper. It is clear that we are now at the beginning of the end for fossil fuels as we commence the process of decarbonising our energy systems."

Walsh continued, "While our economy continues to grow, our energy use is not growing as rapidly. Our programmes demonstrate the effectiveness of robust energy efficiency actions and greater use of renewable energy. We must gain momentum across all sectors and all energy uses to reduce the overall energy intensity of our economy, which will deliver cost savings, energy security and help to combat climate change."

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SEAI Achievements 2015

  • €47 million Better Energy grant support towards €113 million building energy efficiency upgrades, with 2,650 jobs supported
  • 21,600 homes and 360 community buildings upgraded
  • €4.7 million support to ocean and renewable energy R+D projects
  • €2.7 million grants for 562 new electric vehicles registered
  • SEAI published 20 energy policy analysis reports
  • 4,000 additional energy efficiency products brings Triple E Register to 16,000
  • 180 Large Industry Energy Network members saved €36 million
  • Public sector organisations made €121 million energy savings
  • 68.000 pupils were engaged through SEAI schools programme
  • SEAI managed 73,000 phone calls with 92% satisfaction rating
  • SEAI launched an online renewable Geographical Information System portal
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