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What should I be looking for with a new window?

There are several different energy efficient features in new glazing units. The main elements are :

1) Low-emissivity glass is commonly referred to as 'low-e' glass. The low-e glass has a very thin metallic layer on it that prevents the transmission of infrared radiation, i.e. heat from the warmer inner pane to the cooler outer pane and thus more heat is retained. This should be the first thing you ask for when specifying a new window unit.
2) Argon (or Krypton) filling - The air between the panes of glass in double/triple glazing is acting as a layer of insulation. Argon is a better insulator than air and so windows with argon (or Krypton) filling are more energy efficient.
3) Frame with a thermal break - This is where the frame is akin to a sandwich, i.e. it is split into internal and external halves and the two halves are joined together by a material of lower conductivity. This reduces the amount of heat lost by being conducted outwards through the frame.

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