Bioenergy is energy derived from biomass which includes biological material such as plants and animals, wood, waste, (hydrogen) gas, and alcohol fuels. In essence bioenergy is the utilisation of solar energy that has been bound up in biomass during the process of photosynthesis. It is a renewable energy source.


This section looks at the different types of Bioenergy sources and technologies. Please click on the links below for more information on each topic.

Introduction to Bioenergy

An overview of what bioenergy is, how it is made into fuel and what the benefits of bioenergy are to us. Click here to find out more...

Bioenergy Sources

Bioenergy Technologies

There are a number of different sources of bioenergy. This section looks at each of these and how they work.Biomass can be converted to different forms of energy including heat, power, combined heat and power (CHP) or liquid biofuels. This section looks at these technologies in more detail.
More about Bioenergy SourcesMore about Bioenergy Technologies


Bioenergy Policy & Funding

Bioenergy Information & Resources

Increasing energy from renewable energy resources and in particular bioenergy is national policy; the Government's 2015 White Paper "Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015 - 2030" sets out a roadmap that will steer Ireland to a new and sustainable energy future, ensuring safe, secure, affordable energy.This section provides links to information and resources on the topic of Bioenergy. Case studies, factsheets, reports and other further reading can be found here.
More about Bioenergy Information and Resources


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