Ocean Energy

The world's oceans contain vast quantities of untapped renewable energy and Ireland is ideally placed to harness these resources and benefit from the considerable potential for economic growth and job creation. SEAIs role in supporting Ocean Energy Development within Ireland is detailed in the information below. To find out more about ocean energy in general you can also visit Irish Ocean Portal site here


Ocean Energy ExplainedThe Prototype Development Fund


This section explains the predominant types of ocean energy in Ireland - wave and tidal. In this section you will also find information on offshore wind energy.


This section provides information to researchers and companies seeking funding to develop innovative ocean energy technologies.

Ocean Energy Test Sites in IrelandOffshore Renewable Energy Development
Plan OREDP (February 2014)


This section provides information on Ireland's 3 national ocean energy test sites.

  • LiR National Ocean Test Facility in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork
  • Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site located within the confines of Galway Bay
  • Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) off the coast of Belmullet, Co. Mayo.


This section provides further information on the Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan (OREDP) which describes the policy context for development of offshore wind, wave and tidal stream energy in Irish waters for the period to 2030.

Marine Energy Supply Chain Database
This database provides a listing of companies, their services and capability for the marine energy sector. The companies provide services to the wind, wave and tidal energy sectors covering areas from initial development and design through to deployment and operation. For more information, please click here.
Latest Ocean Energy News

For all the latest ocean energy news and developments please visit the Irish Ocean Energy Portal news. Click here.

To contact us please email: oceanenergy@seai.ie


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