Home Energy Survey - How Energy Efficient is Your Home

Examine each area of your house separately and circle a, b or c.

You must answer all ten questions to get your result.

a. Not insulated

b. Less than 200mm insulation

c. 200mm+ insulation

a. No lagging jacket

b. A well fitted lagging jacket

c. A loosely fitted, old lagging jacket

a. Sometimes leave phone charger plugged in

b. Phone charger plugged in all the time

c. Always unplug phone charger when phone charged

a. You always have a shower - never a bath

b. You always have a bath - never a shower

c. Sometimes you have a bath instead of a shower

a. Ordinary light bulb

b. Light was on and no one was in the room

c. CFL or an energy saving light bulb

a. TV and stereo playing

b. TV and stereo on standby

c. TV and stereo turned off

a. Heating on lowest setting

b. Heating on highest setting

c. Cold draught coming from door/attic

a. Separate bins for recycling (including scrap bucket for compost)

b. Separate glass and tin

c. One bin for everything

a. Double glazed windows

b. Single glazed windows

c. Double glazed windows with argon fill or low emissivity glass

a. Dry clothes on the line

b. Sometime use the tumble drier

c. Always use the tumble drier

How did you score?

11 - 20
You obviously think about being energy efficient – but there is room for improvement.

Start making some changes at the Top Tips on how to save energy.
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