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bullet 01Don’t leave tv or video on standby, turn it off at the power button.
bullet 02Fit a lagging jacket on the hot water cylinder in your hot press.  It keeps the hot water hot for longer, just like when we put on our winter jackets to keep us warm.
bullet 03Recycling saves energy, so save up your bottles, cans and paper and put them in the recycling bin.
bullet 04When it’s dry outside, use the sun and wind to dry your clothes instead of a tumble dryer.
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When it’s bright, turn off the light and don’t leave the light on if there’s no one in the room.
bullet 06 Have a shower instead of a bath, it uses a lot less hot water.
bullet 07If you’re cold, put on a jumper instead of turning up the heat.
bullet 08If it’s safe to do so, walk or cycle to school or take a bus.
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