Administration for BER Assessors

All issues pertaining to renewals, resignation, suspension and termination of BER Assessor registration are dealt with under BER Assessor registration.

Record Keeping

Upon completion of a BER assessment for a dwelling, the BER Assessor shall submit to SEAI the related BER data file from the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure software and any associated data and/or documentation that SEAI shall determine from time to time. In accordance with the European Communities (Energy Performance of Buildings) Regulations, 2012, SEAI shall only publish a BER certificate if SEAI accepts a BER data file into the BER Register.

In accordance with the Regulations, all data, documentation and records relating to a BER assessment are the property of SEAI and shall be furnished to SEAI on demand including:

BER Certificates;
Provisional BER Certificates;
Advisory Reports;
BER data files constituting the output of BER assessments; and
All supporting drawings, data and other documentation supporting the BER assessment.

The BER Assessor is responsible for retention and maintenance of all such data, documentation and records as (s)he considers may be required to support any assessments (s)he has carried out for the lifetime of the BER.


Under Section 11 of the Code of Practice, BER Assessora are required to provide in writing to the client a quotation including price and any circumstances where the client may incur additional cost, and to obtain the client's written acceptance of this offer prior to commencing any BER work. Please refer to Section 11 of the BER Assessors Code of Practice.

To assist BER Assessors in discharging this obligation a template has been prepared for use by any BER Assessor who might consider it to be a useful basis on which to contract with their clients. To view or download the Letter of Engagement templates, please click here for New Dwellings and here for Existing Dwellings

Quality Assurance System and Disciplinary Procedure

As an integral part of the Quality Assurance System, the Disciplinary Process ensures that both the quality and integrity of the scheme is maintained. Disciplinary sanction can arise from audits or complaints. Audits are selected on either a random or targeted basis at SEAI’s discretion. The Quality Assurance System and Disciplinary Procedure is available here.

Marketing Guidelines

Marketing Guidelines are available with respect to inclusion of references to SEAI or Building Energy Rating in promotional materials for BER Assessors, Training Providers and/or Developers.

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