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100 – Group heating scheme “Percentage of Heat” column in DEAP must total 100%. This is not the case in this assessment


099 – This dwelling has lower than expected energy consumption


098 – This dwelling has very high energy consumption


096 – Efficiency adjustment factor cannot be set to 0 for space or water heating in individual heating systems


095 – The living area percentage of this dwelling is less than 10%. Please ensure that the living area has been measured correctly as per the guidance in the DEAP manual


094 – One of the heating systems in this assessment has efficiency less than 20 percent


084 – It is likely that you have selected an open fire without a back boiler as your primary heating system. Please refer to DEAP manual Appendix A


083 – There are no open flues or chimneys included for this house. Please verify that ventilation openings are correct


082 – This xml was exported without all mandatory fields being completed and cannot be processed.


081 – Does not demonstrate conformity with TGD L Renewables requirement. You are advised to bring this to the attention of your client

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