EnergyMAP is the Energy Management Action Plan from SEAI. It is a structured programme aimed at companies with an energy spend above €100,000.
Where companies adopt a structured approach to energy management, experience shows there is a clear sequence of events that brings the best result. SEAI have formalised these steps into five pillars of energy management.EnergyMAP Training Diagram

Current EnergyMAP Training Dates

No date currently available

If you are interested in attending; please send contact details to

Your commitmentSEAI Support
  • 3 full days off-site to attend training
  • 1/2 day on-site with expert energy advisor
  • Time to carry out assignments
  • Three full day workshops
  • On-site support from expert energy advisors
  • Expert email and phone mentoring assistance.

Workshop 1 - IdentifyWorkshop 2 - Plan & ActionWorkshop 3 - Review
Pillar 1: Commit - Create an energy efficiency statement, elect an energy coordinator & gain management commitment.Pillar 3: Plan - Develop the Action Plan, analyse opportunities in detail, set targets and assign responsibilities.Tutorial and concluding workshop guiding participants through Pillar 5.
Pillar 2: Identify - Identify and quantify energy use, identify main energy users, understand energy bills & look for opportunities for energy and cost savings.Pillar 4 : Take Action - Implement the Action Plan, increase energy awareness and train key personnel, & prepare operation and maintenance checklists (how to make it happen).This workshop reviews savings and leads participants to completion of the Energy MAP applied training programme.
In addition to the three workshops, throughout the 4-6 month period, participants get the added benefits of:

Expert Mentoring Assistance

Participants are encouraged to ask questions at any stage by phone and email, between workshops to ensure targets for the next stage are reached.

On-site Assessment

From an experienced SEAI Energy Advisor to assist participants to help in:

  • Overcoming difficulties and implementing the programme effectively
  • Identifying and prioritising energy saving opportunities


To provide participants with a timeframe to carry out steps and consequently achieve best practice in a reduced time period.

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