What do we do if we share an electricity or natural gas supply (meter/bill) with another organisation?

If your school shares a facility (e.g. building) with other organisation(s), it may share one an electricity (MPRN) and/or natural gas (GPRN) supply with those organisation(s).

If your school shares an MPRN (or GPRN), then you should report the MPRN (or GPRN) in the usual manner and estimate the percentage of the electricity (or gas) consumption through the meter that is attributable to your school.  Simply put, you should estimate the portion of that MPRN's (GPRN’s) bill that your school consumes. This could be done on the basis of your school’s share of the floor area served by the meter or by the ratio of staff or activity in the area served by the meter.

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