Quick wins for Monitoring and Targeting

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Monitoring and Targeting (M and T) can be applied to buildings, processes or vehicles and although principally concerned with the consumption of energy and water, it can be used for almost any consumable commodity or service. It is especially useful where the rate of consumption is driven by the weather or other such driving factor.
  • Energy consumption data is best taken from actual meter readings, but for a large number of small properties, such as a retail chain, invoice data might have to be used
  • Data analysis is usually done by computer and involves a comparison of energy performance against an expected performance based on one or more variables, such as weather and occupancy
  • The output reports need to be concise, easy to understand and tailored to those who are accountable for energy use
  • It is essential that everyone involved supports the initiative with action on the basis of the information as it is local action that delivers the savings
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