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About Energy Map: What is it and how it can help

What is Energy MAP?

Energy MAP is the Energy Management Action Plan from SEAI. It is an online tool which provides a step by step guide to creating a best practise action plan for your business. The 20 steps of Energy MAP are divided into of five pillars of excellent energy management: Commit, Identify, Plan, Take Action and Review. By registering online , you can create your own personalised Energy MAP plan which allows you track your progress through the 20 steps.

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What’s involved in Energy MAP?

The effort required to manage energy effectively will vary depending on company size, energy costs and energy intensity. However energy costs can be controlled, and often reduced, by implementing measures that do not require significant investment.

Although it is best practice, it is not absolutely necessary to complete all steps in the plan in sequence. Any of the 20 steps or 5 pillars can be completed on their own, or for more specific practical actions see the energy saving wizard.

Technical knowledge, whilst an advantage, is not required.

Who is it for?

Energy MAP was created for small and medium enterprises. By providing such a support tool it is hoped that SMEs will be in a position to implement best practice energy management strategies in their own sites.

For very large energy users a variety of other programmes are available. See the business section of SEAI’s website for more information.

How do I begin? / Getting started

The best way to begin is by registering so that you can keep track of which steps you’ve read and completed.

If you have already begun an energy management programme then go to the overview of Energy MAP to find out what stage you are at.

Or, if you are new to energy management, you can just jump straight to the first pillar – Commit.

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