Policy and Funding

Increasing energy from renewable energy resources and in particular bioenergy is national policy; the Government's 2007 White Paper "Delivering a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland" sets out a roadmap that will steer Ireland to a new and sustainable energy future. This section offers information on roadmaps, IEA tasks, tarrifs and grants.


SEAI policy and roadmap

Ambitious and challenging bioenergy targets to 2020, setting a clear path for meeting the Government's goals of ensuring safe, secure, affordable energy. More...

IEA Bioenergy Tasks

Renewable Energy feed in tariff (Refit)

IEA Bioenergy is an organisation set up in 1978 by the International Energy Agency (IEA) with the aim of improving cooperation and information exchange between countries that have national programmes in bioenergy research, development and deployment.REFIT is designed to provide price certainty to renewable electricity generators.
More about IEA TasksMore about Refit

Grant programmes


Funding opportunities for bioenergy projects.A network of national government agencies and ministries responsible for coordinating and funding national research efforts into bioenergy.
More about Grant programmesMore about ERA Net


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