Sources of Bioenergy

There are several sources of bioenergy. Click on a topic to view more detailed information on each one.



Wood Energy & Supply Chain


Biomass is all organic material, an example being plant matter. It is either:

  • the direct product of photosynthesis (for example plant matter – leaves, stems, etc.) or
  • the indirect product of photosynthesis (for example animal mass resulting from the consumption of plant matter).
Wood fuels are available in a number of generic forms. These include wood wastes, forest residues and energy crops. Some wood fuels are processed to provide a higher quality and more user friendly product such as wood pellets and wood chips.
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Liquid Biofuels

Miscanthus is a perennial, rhizomatous grass, originating from Asia, which possesses the C4 photosynthetic pathway. The most common species is Miscanthus giganteus which is a sterile triploid hybrid of M. sacchariflorus and M. sinensis.Biofuels i.e. fuels derived from biomass crops or by-products that are suitable for use in vehicle engines or heating systems
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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion produces a high energy containing gas, known as biogas, which can be used for green energy production. The technology is simple, yet robust, and well developed across the continent and becomes now more and more popular in Ireland.

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Bioenergy Supply Curves for Ireland 2015 - 2035

Ireland has set a vision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector by up to 80% by 2050. In order to understand how we can achieve this we need to know how much renewable energy resources are available and at what cost.  This report focuses on the potential future availability Irish biomass to 2035 and examines how markets prices and the barriers to development affect potential availability.

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