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Public sector organisations are now responding to higher energy saving expectations, and the challenge is to commit to a more strategic approach to energy management. SEAI can help your organisation achieve this through a Partnership Programme (for large organisations), and support you in meeting your obligations.


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The Public Sector Energy Partnership Programme is a key component of the Defence Forces Energy Strategy. We are fully committed to the principles of energy management best practice in order to meet our public-service targets and to continue to fulfil our corporate responsibility.

Lieutenant General Sean McCann, Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces

What is a Partnership Programme?

The Partnership Programme is the most comprehensive support package available from SEAI for large organisations, and is offered in return for commitment to energy management from your organisation.

A Partnership is between your Public Sector Organisation and SEAI and offers a clear roadmap and defined support actions to help you achieve targeted energy savings.

SEAI systematically guides you to develop, execute and maintain energy reduction plans, while your organisation commits to drive the programme forward and aims for year on year savings targets of greater than 3%.

Read more about the partnership programme and those who have signed up already Energy Efficiency in the Public Sector: Leading from the Front.pdf (size 1.1 MB)


How it works

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The Benefits

The benefits of the Partnership Programme are substantial:

Save money – many organisations can achieve 20% savings in energy use through proven management and technology solutions.

Meet national obligations – the public sector must deliver 33% energy efficiency savings by 2020. SEAI will help you meet your targets and get you there faster.

Be a national leader – the Government wants the public sector to lead by example. Partner with SEAI and get a ‘shop-window’ to showcase your achievements on energy and emissions reductions.

Good for the environment – climate change is real and energy management is a highly cost-effective means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved public image – the public increasingly demands greater sustainability from government and commercial organisations. Reduce your carbon footprint to demonstrate you are tackling one of the major issues that confronts us today.

Future proof your operations – the rising costs of energy, the insecurity of energy supplies and increasing environmental legislation means that organisations are vulnerable to external changes. Adopt sustainable practices now, minimise the impact of future changes on your operations and prepare for regulatory change.


The greater the commitment, the greater the support

SEAI helps write your energy strategy and supports you to develop your energy management programme through:

•  Corporate level support          • Energy management programmes

•  Energy strategies                   •  Cost reduction

In return, your organisation should demonstrate the commitment and allocate the necessary internal resources to implement the programme.

In addition to the standard services offered by SEAI, Partnership organisations benefit from customised support – the greater the commitment, the greater the support.

True partnership is based on commitment. SEAI will tailor its support according to the level of commitment, resources and progress demonstrated by your organisation.

Experience shows that the level of energy savings is proportional to your degree of commitment:

Graph highlighting commitment required to the energy programme

Results of the Office of Public Works’ campaigns on energy management with public sector organisations, shows that energy savings increase as commitment to an energy programme increases. For organisations not committed to an energy programme, energy expenditure can actually increase by 11%.

What do you need to do?

First, there must be senior management commitment in the form of board-level support and a signed commitment to implement your energy strategy. Your organisation commits to:

  • Develop and implement a structured energy management programme.
  • Establish and implement an annual action plan to deliver energy savings.
  • Identify and implement longer term strategic initiatives to work towards the target for 2020.
  • Adopt energy efficient procurement practices.
  • Review and reassess the energy management programme annually.
  • Report annually on energy efficiency initiatives and savings made.

SEAI support will help you to:

  • Develop and implement a structured Energy Management Programme.
  • Adopt energy efficient procurement practices.
  • Establish and implement an annual action plan to deliver energy savings in the short term.
  • Identify and implement strategic initiatives to work towards the 2020 target.
  • Review and reassess the Energy Management Programme annually.
  • Report annually on energy efficiency initiatives and savings made.
  • Share information on progress with SEAI.

Leading public sector organisations and businesses have already worked with SEAI to help maximise the efficiency of their operations and seriously cut energy costs. These organisations have set the example and others now have the opportunity to benefit from this success.

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