For their software tool that analyses energy bills and provides ongoing regular insights into how to better manage your energy use. It allows the user to take a photograph of their electricity or gas meter remotely in order to improve the accuracy of their energy data and bills. It can typically achieve energy savings of up to 20%.


For their Donate As You Save innovative fund-raising model which uses energy savings as a means of fund raising for energy projects in non-profit organisation. It facilitates the transfer of energy savings and/or energy credits from donors to charities. The funds/donations are then used by the charity to implement energy upgrades in order to reduce their running costs and save energy. In one example, Irish Country Meats invested €300,000 in energy upgrades at their plant and agreed to donate €10,000 of the energy savings to DaysE and pledged the associated energy credits which were worth €25,000. Irish Country Meats reduced their energy spend by €78,000/annum.


For their specialised energy management service package, which involves detailed analysis of energy data for medium to large industry energy users to provide them with weekly energy reports and focused action items to improve their energy performance. EM3 currently deliver this service to 12 of the largest industrial sites in Ireland representing 4% of the industrial energy spend. They have been instrumental in helping these companies to save €400,000/annum in energy costs. The innovative aspects of the service include in-depth bespoke weekly reports, Energy Metric Map that selects the correct metrics for the site and the use of process specific data in the energy reports is unique.


For implementing the first Better Energy Home Salary Incentive Scheme. EPS provides interest free loans to staff to upgrade the energy efficiency of their own homes at a 50% discount, saving 28% on energy costs. The employee repays the cost of the works, minus the SEAI grant, to EPS over an agreed period of time through salary deductions. During the first year of the scheme, 94 employee homes received a free energy audit and 32 homes went ahead with the upgrade works. The measures included insulation, energy efficient boilers and solar. Employees received over €200,000 of works at a cost of less than €100,000.

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