• Conor Hanniffy

We started with nothing but in the space of one year I am amazed with the results. There is always room for improvement but so far so good for the Deep Retrofit Pilot.

It all started in June 2017, with our first Retrofit Towards Zero conference. This was set up as a business to business space where building experts such as contractors, architects, local authorities, energy agencies, researchers and so on could come together and share opinions on the best way we could get Deep Retrofit projects off the ground. 

This pilot programme funds up to 50% of the total capital and project management costs of developments. Funding is provided to those who require significant increases in their home energy performance. Homeowners can participate in the pilot programme via service providers capable of bringing a minimum of five homes per application. Therefore, it is important that service providers are kept informed about program requirements.

Over the last year, we have seen some builders revel with this business opportunity and we hope to speak to them this year about how the scheme is working for them. Since 2017, we have seen 40 houses completed through the programme and there are another 100 projects currently in development.

However, not everything is seamless, so we want to talk about the challenges going forward. Having the right people with the necessary skills to complete the jobs for retrofit is a problem area. We need to highlight that a skills shortage across communities needs to be addressed so that more homeowners and contractors alike are able to take advantage of this pilot scheme. 

Despite this though, contractors have informed us that one of the key tools for success is improved communication between themselves and homeowners. 

We know that over one million houses in Ireland need to be upgraded so there is an abundance of opportunity out there for this scheme to be a success. 

Our event in June aims to bring together all the key stakeholders to inform and inspire them about successful completed projects. We will also focus on costs associated with developments along with a view from the homeowner’s perspective. Those in attendance will not only gain a deeper insight into the importance of communication and project management but we will also provide  homeowner’s perspective on deep retrofit. We will also have expert advice at hand for questions throughout the day.

We hope to see you there!