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A little piece of history – we’ve come a long way

‘The Power of One Good Idea’ for schools was established in 2008 on the back of a national campaign. The aim was to get people thinking about ways in which we can reduce our energy use. The competition is open to all primary and post-primary schools. It asks teams to come up with One Good Idea to tackle climate change. We started with 20 schools and in the space of eleven years, we have grown to over 300 applications annually.

Teaming up with cinemas around the country

This year the ‘One Good Idea’ competition is setting its sights even higher!  We have teamed up with cinemas around the country to help take students ideas to the big screen! Now both primary and post primary schools are required to make a 1-minute video about their project. This will make it more fun and create even greater awareness for their chosen idea.

Teams that make it to the semi-final will see their 1-minute video showcased in the cinema. They will also get a chance to make a presentation pitch to our panel of judges.

Making a video is a creative way to help others understand a team’s vision. It also gives teams a way to spread their message to a larger digital audience and beyond.

Expanding the programme to include regional finals

This year, for the first time, we will have four regional events and a national final.  This opens the competition up giving more school teams the opportunity to experience pitching and presenting their projects. The winners of the regional events will then proceed to the National final. The final will take place in Dublin in May 2020.

Who can apply?

If your students are engaged in climate action, this competition opens a unique way for them to make a difference. The competition has strong links to the curriculum and can be completed during the school year.  Your campaign could also form part of the Green Schools programme.

Teachers have told us that being involved in this kind of project helps students develop a number of skills that are useful both in and outside the classroom. This includes research, marketing and presentation skills as well as group work, campaign management and confidence building.

 'It's a great experience for students to develop their skills in a variety of ways. Conducting research such as questionnaires, surveys and interviews, engaging with the public and appearing on the radio. These are all hugely beneficial in their long term development.'  
Frank Kelleher, St. Mary's Midleton, Cork

How to apply

The online application form is now open

What are the timelines?

18th October – Closing date for online application.
18th November – Successful applications will be informed
31st January - Successful applications submit their campaign diary and 1-minute video
24th -28th February – Regional finals will take place in cinemas around the country
April 2020 – National Final in Dublin

The One Good Idea Winners 2019

Check out the winning video from Practical Plastics’ from Beech Hill College, Monaghan. They want us to take a #plexit from single use plastics.

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