The project assistance grant is currently closed for applications. SEAI are developing and will launch a revised scheme in support of energy performance contracting in 2022. Details of the new Energy Contracting Support Scheme will be announced later this year.

We offer grants to businesses and public sector bodies who are seeking to develop energy saving projects. The aim of these projects should be to achieve significant energy savings, and build good procurement practices.

The benefits for your organisation

  • Significantly reduce energy costs
  • Enhance the organisation's reputation and image
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Improve the knowledge of your employees around reducing energy use
  • Improve your Display Energy Certificate
  • Ability to divert savings to other activities

Grant amounts available

Project typeFunding level
Feasibility study and Project Energy Audit Up to 50% funding to a maximum of €15,000
Final business case and project delivery support grant Up to 75% funding to a maximum of €15,000 where basic energy performance arrangements are considered and up to €37,500 where energy performance contracting (EPC) is considered

Who can apply

Applications are welcomed from both private and public sectors. This includes buildings, industry, commercial operations, transport, and utility services. All types of projects are supported for initial business cases.

How to apply

Applications must be uploaded directly to the Project Evaluation Platform (PEP). Please read the Project Assistance Grant Application Guide for full information on the application process.

How the grant works - support and funding

Early expert advice

We provide early expert advice at the project concept stage. Tailored advice is offered to those involved in SEAI programmes, partnerships, or Agreements / LIEN.

Feasibility study

A feasibility study will help to evaluate energy saving opportunities further. At the end of this stage, you can decide if a project is suitable to your organisation.

Up to 50% funding is available up to a maximum of €15,000 at this stage depending on the size of your energy bill.

Final business case and project delivery support

This grant enables organisations to engage external resources to develop projects further. External resources include baseline quantification, asset assessment, procurement specialists, and project facilitation. You must incorporate a Pay for Performance element into the project to avail of this support.

Up to 75% funding to a maximum of €15,000 where basic energy performance arrangements are considered and up to €37,500 where energy performance contracting (EPC) is considered at this stage .

Pay for Performance

We offer more support for projects that incorporate pay for performance arrangements. There are two levels of pay for performance.

  1. Basic Energy Performance arrangements,
  2. Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

See the Energy Performance Guide for further information.

"SEAI is part of the team; willing, supporting, encouraging organisations to achieve their shared objectives in a friendly yet professional manner. SEAI's greatest strength lies in an ability to help organisations over the speed bumps that every project encounters by providing a suitable blend of project assistance in the form of technical expertise, financial aid, tailored training or straightforward guidance and advice"
Cormac Healy, Project Manager, Dublin City Council

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