How to register your organisation in order to complete your report.

Accessing the system

You will need a valid username and password to log in to the M&R system.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, help is available on the login page.

How to register for M&R

To register for the M&R system, please send an email with the following information to

  • A valid email address to be used as the username
  • Name of the person who will be the primary M&R system user from the organisation
  • Name of the organisation
  • Schools (except ETBs): Roll number. If the school logged in last year, the credentials will be the same.
  • All other public bodies (including ETBs): Public body identification (PB ID) number. This is a unique identification number – in the format PB-12345 – assigned to each public body. See our list of PB IDs.

Login details and additional users

Once you have emailed us the information above you will receive a return email with your login details. We will only issue one set of login credentials per organisation. This primary M&R contact can then log in to the system and create additional users for other people within the organisation. They can also designate one of the newly created users as the new primary contact.

Contact the M&R Helpdesk

Call 01 808 2012