The scorecard communicates important information about your organisation's energy performance in a visually appealing way.

What's included

The scorecard includes the following information about your organisation's energy performance:

  • Savings since your baseline period and progress towards the 2030 target
  • Organisation-level EnPI for the most recent year, data on how this has changed since the previous year and how it compares to the target
  • Graphical representation of your EnPI over time and how it compares to the 2030 target glidepath
  • Graphical summary of your organisation’s energy consumption over time, of your consumption breakdown and of your energy-related CO2 emissions
  • EnPIs for electricity, thermal and transport consumption
  • Benchmarking of your organisation's progress towards 2030, compared to other public bodies

Scorecard publication timeline

Your scorecard only shows meaningful information when all of your consumption data is entered. For this reason, it does not account for the most recent year’s data until after the electricity and natural gas consumption data has been sourced from the meter operators and uploaded to the system. The following timeline will apply, assuming you submitted sufficient data to generate a scorecard.

Provisional scorecard date

Your provisional scorecard is available from the provisional scorecard date onwards. The system will not generate a scorecard if you did not submit sufficient data. You are notified by email when it becomes available.

Reporting deadline

Once your provisional scorecard is available you then have until the reporting deadline to make any final additions/edits to your data.

Final scorecard date

Some reports are selected for data verification assessment (DVA) each year, immediately after the reporting deadline. Your organisation’s final scorecard will be available for review from the final scorecard date onwards.

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Local authority scorecards

For local authorities, the normalised EnPI is shown in the scorecard instead of the (non-normalised) EnPI. This facilitates the plotting of performance before and after the transition of water services to Irish Water.

This means that there is no discontinuity shown in the graph between 2013 and 2014 when the water services consumption was removed. Any increases or decreases shown on the EnPI graph through the transition period are entirely attributable to the local authority’s energy performance.

Supports available

We offer a range of supports including free training workshops, step-by-step videos and guides to help you complete your M&R report.

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