This section explains how to report on your Exemplar Energy Management over the year.

Reporting on energy management

All public bodies are legally obliged to fulfil an exemplary role with respect to energy efficiency, including through their energy management practices. This includes reporting information on energy management to SEAI each year.

Main reasons for your energy performance

Select up to five factors that led to savings in the reporting year and add any comments you may have on your energy performance for the year. The five factors and your comments will be published by SEAI.

Energy management programme

The system requires you to answer the questions relating to any formal assessments your organisation may have undertaken over the year on your energy management programme. SI 426 of 2014 sets out the obligations on public bodies with respect to their “exemplary role” for energy efficiency. Our Public Sector Energy Programme provides tailored advice in this area.

Comment on data completeness

Categorise and comment on the completeness of the data you have reported.

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