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Public bodies should report annual consumption subtotals for electricity, thermal and transport. Gather all of your necessary data before starting the process.

Identify energy types

You must select the energy types that you use before you can report consumption for them. Once selected, your energy types remain selected from year to year. You can add any new energy types at any time, to account for new energy supplies that your organisation started using over the previous year.

The best way to identify the energy types you use is to investigate what energy supplies your organisation spends money on.


Reporting your data is made easier by submitting and validating MPRNs and GPRNs. All you have to do is enter your meter numbers into the system once and validate them each year. The M&R system then automatically sources the consumption data directly from the meter operator.

For the vast majority of those reporting, this is all you need to do to report your electricity and natural gas consumption.

Enter and validate MPRNs and GPRNs

Water services consumption

Local authorities should include water services consumption in their pre-2014 data and exclude it from their data for the years from 2014 onwards.

Learn about reporting water services consumption