What your organisation needs to report for energy consumption related to transport in the M&R system.

What should be reported

All fossil and renewable fuel consumption attributable to public bodies for transport (land, water, air) should be included in annual submissions.

Reporting fuel consumption types

Read the information below to find out the best ways of reporting certain transport fuels.

Petrol and diesel

For M&R, this refers to the standard road diesel or petrol used in vehicles.

Gasoil (marked diesel)

Gasoil or marked diesel is dyed green in colour and is typically used in boilers for space & water heating. However, it can also be used in vehicles such as agricultural machinery and marine engines.

Compressed natural gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is methane stored at high pressure. CNG is used for some transport applications in place of petrol, diesel or LPG.


There are three broad categories of biofuel consumption in road vehicles:

  • The vast majority of mineral diesel and petrol contains small blended quantities of biofuels: biodiesel in the case of road diesel and bioethanol in the case of petrol.
  • A very small number of organisations use pure biofuels in dedicated vehicles.
  • Another small group of organisations proactively procure mineral oil products with blended biofuels at blend rates higher than the national average but typically less than about 10%.

Marine transport fuels

The vast majority of marine engines use either:

  • Marked diesel / marine gasoil, which is the same as gasoil but is different from marine diesel oil.
  • Ordinary petrol (also known as gasoline, motor gasoline or motor spirit) is used in some smaller marine engines.

Aviation transport fuels

There are two main types of aviation fuels:

  • Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS) is motor gasoline that has been processed especially for use in aviation reciprocating engines.
  • Jet A1 Kerosene, which is also known as jet fuel or jet kerosene, is used for aviation gas turbine engines (turbofans, turboprops and jets).

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