Local authorities should include water services consumption in their pre-2014 data and exclude it from their data for the years from 2014 onwards.

MPRNs & GPRNs transferred to Irish Water

Local authorities must keep MPRNs and GPRNs that transferred to Irish Water in the M&R system. This includes the entire period from the start of your baseline up to the transition to Irish Water. The only exception is if an MPRN or GPRN was never within the scope of your local authority’s reportable consumption.

Assign them an IW consumption category

Use one of the three consumption categories that begin with ‘IW’ for the MPRNs and GPRNs, i.e. one of ‘IW Pumping / Water Treatment’, ‘IW Wastewater Treatment’ or ‘IW Other’.

Classify them as not validated for 2014 onwards

Local authorities should classify MPRNs and GPRNs as 'not validated' for all years from 2014 onwards. You should not change the validation status for any years up to and including 2013. These meters were part of your local authority’s consumption up to the end of 2013 so they should be validated for this period.

It is important that these rules are followed correctly as it ensures that your local authority’s performance is correctly calculated.

Non-networked energy transferred to Irish Water

The approach for reporting non-networked consumption (i.e. consumption not derived through MPRN or GPRN records) that transferred to Irish Water is set out below for different consumption periods.

Baseline to 2012

Report the consumption as part of your local authority’s overall consumption. There is no need to split out this consumption in any way, e.g. as being attributable to water services.


Report the consumption as part of your local authority’s overall consumption. To facilitate the accurate calculation of your energy performance up to the transition to Irish Water, you can allocate 'other 2013 consumption' by reporting the amount of non-networked energy consumption that was:

  • Consumed by your local authority in 2013; and
  • Included within your 2013 consumption figures; and
  • Attributable to assets that subsequently transferred to Irish Water, i.e. the corresponding consumption for 2014, 2015, 2016 and so on is not included in the your local authority’s data.

Only consumption that meets all three of the above criteria should be reported in this manner. Examples of such consumption could include:

  • A portion of your 2013 transport consumption that was used by part of your fleet in 2013 for water services activities. The equivalent consumption transferred to Irish Water in 2014.
  • A portion of your 2013 heating oil consumption that was used in an office building or part of a building in 2013. The function that operated from the office building (or relevant part) was a water services function that transferred to Irish Water in 2014.

It may be the case that the amount of non-networked consumption attributable to water services in 2013 was negligible or that it is not possible to disaggregate such consumption from your overall consumption. In these circumstances, the relevant fields can be left blank (zero).

2014 onwards

Your local authority should not report water services consumption for any years from 2014 onwards. Irish Water is responsible for reporting this data. You should cooperate with Irish Water regarding the provision of relevant data.

The energy efficiency target for the water services assets is 33%. Irish Water’s target is 33%, less the progress made by the sector up to and including 2013.

Activity metrics

Local authorities can use one activity metric for the period up to and including 2013, and a completely different one from 2014 onwards.

Detailed information

For more detailed information on the transfer of water services assets from local authorities to Irish Water, please click below.

Details of the transfer of water services assets