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The energy consumption and performance of all public sector organisations, including schools, must be reported annually. Find out if you need to report.

Types of organisations who must report

The public sector is considered to encompass the following for M&R:

  • Civil Service
  • Commercial and non-commercial State Bodies
  • State-owned financial institutions
  • The Defence Forces
  • An Garda Síochána
  • Health Service Executive and Voluntary Hospitals
  • Local and Regional Authorities
  • Schools, Education & Training Boards (ETBs) and centres for education
  • Universities and colleges
  • Other organisations, including charities in receipt of 75% or more of their funding from the public sector

Scope of a public body

The reporting scope of your organisation can differ depending on certain circumstances. View this page for information including reporting for landlords and tenants, parent and sub-organisations, and merged organisations. You will also find details on shared services, use of private contractors, PPPs and so on.

For more information on the formal definition of a public body read Regulation 4 of SI 426 of 2014.

Learn more about scope

Other reporting systems

Get clarification on your reporting obligations if your organisation already uses reporting systems such as LIEN and DEC.

More about other reporting systems