Your community is ready to implement their Energy Master Plan. See what grants and supports are available.

Finance options available

There are a number of options available to help implement your project. Some involve a lot of hands on project management by the community and some can be coordinated by a professional project manager. It's important to discuss the options with your Mentor to decide which grant suits your community project best. 

SEAI Community Grant

The SEAI Community Grant supports energy efficiency community projects through capital funding, partnerships, and technical support. This programme  is our national retrofit initiative with grant support of up to €20 million for 2020. The programme supports new approaches to achieving energy efficiency in Irish communities. Upgrades can take place across building types to reduce energy use and costs throughout the community.

The initiative aims to deliver energy savings to homeowners, communities, and private sector organisations.

  • All projects should be community oriented with a cross-sectoral approach
  • You must show that you can sustainably finance the proposed project

In 2019 the approved projects had

  • An upper grant limit of €1 million euro
  • The average grant was about €400,000
  • The average value of the project at about €1 million euro

The call for new applications opens in December each year. See our Community grants page for more information.

Community grants

Other SEAI grants

It may suit some communities to apply for individual grants to start off their Energy Master Plan actions. There are a range of home grants and electric vehicle grants available.

Home grants