Apply for SEAI funding to create your own community Energy Master Plan.

Funding for your Energy Master Plan

Open all year round

The grant programme is open all year round and you can apply for funding by completing a funding application form. The grant offer is valid for 12 months to give you plenty of time to identify the community priorities, find an external expert and develop your energy masterplan in consultation with your community.

For more information on what is involved and how to apply please see our EMP Funding Application Guidelines. Your mentor will also be able to guide you step-by-step through the application process.

Download EMP Guidelines

SEAI can provide a 100% grant to cover the costs of an external expert to help your community develop an Energy Master Plan. The Energy Master Plan funding ranges in value depending on the level and scale of the Sustainable Energy Community. The scale of the SEC is linked to the estimate of the energy spend in your community. 

The table below will give you an idea of the funding scale you can apply for. This is also available in the SEC Handbook.

SEC LevelScaleCommunity Energy SpendFunding
Level 1 Street / Village Up to €2,000,000 €10,000
Level 2 Town / Island Up to €20,000,000 €15,000
Level 3 County / Regional Up to €50,000,000 €20,000
Level 4 National / Other Up to €50,000,000 €25,000

Community engagement

When your community decides that it will apply for Energy Master Plan funding it can be useful to share the proposal with the rest of the community and generate buy-in to the process. A portion of the Energy Master Plan application can be used to help share the outputs and engage the community in the next stage.

So it is a good idea to decide what portion of the funding you will need for this and who you might need to support this process. Remember, before you apply for funding, you must join the Network.

Join the network

Documents required

As part of your Energy Master Plan application we also ask that you complete 2 short documents.

  1. Competency assessment: The competency assessment which is a short survey to assess what existing competencies your community has available to help. This is not a test, it is there to help us identify what types of training your community might benefit from and how your mentor can help.  It will also help identify what other communities started at a similar stage and how they succeeded.
  2. Community Charter: Your SEC Committee community charter. Your Community Charter is a one-page overview of your SEC’s vision and goals. It outlines your commitments and is signed on behalf of your SEC by nominated Steering Committee members (your mentor can share examples from other communities and help guide you through this process). Find out more about how to develop you Community Charter here.
Community Charter Template    Competency Assessment