In 2012, EU Legislation mandated that large enterprises must complete an energy audit every four years. Our guidance can help ensure that you are compliant.

Who needs to complete an energy audit

  • Is your business a Large Enterprise?
  • Do you employ 250 employees or over (on payroll)?
  • Or is your annual turnover in excess of €50m and an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43m?

If you answer yes to one of these then the Directive may apply to your organisation. Public Service Organisation /Body (as defined in SI 426 of 2014) with the exception of some schools, and meeting the threshold outlined above then the audit obligation applies to you.

Compliance periods

Large Enterprises must carry out an energy audit of their operations every four years. The next compliance period is from 29th September 2018 until 5th December 2019.

EU Legislation

EU Legislation (EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU) mandated that large enterprises should have completed an energy audit of their operations every four years thereafter. The directive has been transposed into Irish Law as Statutory Instrument (SI) 426 of 2014. Part 3 of this legislation covers Energy Audits.

How to comply:

  1. Large Enterprises must either carry out an energy audit if they have not completed one since closure of the last compliance period which closed on 5th December 2015 OR
  2. Demonstrate that they are implementing an energy or environmental management system with a certificate valid since the 5th December 2015. This must be certified by an independent body according to the relevant European or International standards. They must then be able to demonstrate to SEAI that the management system concerned includes a specific and detailed energy audit element signed off by a Registered Energy Auditor.
  3. To demonstrate compliance, a business must use a Registered Energy Auditor to complete the audit or certify the system meets the requirements of Annex VI of the directive.

Energy audit handbook

To guide businesses with procuring and undertaking an energy audit, SEAI has developed this handbook. Our handbook sets out the complete energy audit process. It's especially useful if you are a company who are about to complete their first energy audit. You will get a good understanding of what to expect from an energy auditor. It guides you each step of the way, from audit preparation and pre-analysis through to the site visit and reporting findings.

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