Attendees joined our leading industry experts at the Energy Theatre to discuss the most current topics in the energy sector today or to participate in one of our specialised workshops.

Huge numbers of attendees joined us at this year's Energy Theatre, where we will tackled the headline items in the energy sector today. The 'Energy Theatre' had a jam packed schedule of 45 minute drop-in sessions with no need to book! Also, check out our 'Workshop' schedule where attendees registered to attend longer, more detailed and specialist talks.

Energy theatre schedule

Wednesday 18th April

TimeEnergy Topic
11:00 – 11:45 Renewable gas in business – opportunities for clean energy

This event will inform industry & commerce, advisors and professionals in the energy sector of the opportunities and benefits of using renewable natural gas to displace fossil fuels and decarbonise energy. Latest developments are renewable natural gas can be verified and validated through the Green Gas Certification Scheme, giving confidence and reassurance to the end gas consumers. The support and development of renewable natural gas as an indigenous industry will have significant economic and environmental benefits, developing a circular economy, clean air, improved soil & water quality and biodiversity. Industry, commerce and transport can utilise renewable gas to contribute to decarbonisation and transparently demonstrate this through the Green Gas Certification Scheme.


  • Chair – Ann Fingleton, FingletonWhite.
  • Ballyhoura Development [ Padraig Casey] Community involvement in the AgriGasGrid Project.
  • Puregas Solutions – [Steve Scott] 'Opportunities for Renewable Gas in Community Based Projects'
  • Dairygold – [ Dave Fitzgerald] End consumer of renewable natural gas from AgriGasGrid Project
  • RGFI – [ PJ McCarthy] Green Gas Certification Scheme
12:00 – 12:45

Energy R&D Funding in Ireland – SEAI’s RD&D Funding Programme


This session will provide an overview of the funding available from SEAI’s Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Funding Programme. It will also showcase a number of innovative RD&D projects that that have previously received funding support from SEAI. This session is aimed at small, medium & large scale companies, local authorities, semi-state bodies, public bodies, universities, institutes of technology and research institutions. Anyone with an interest in energy research & innovation would find this presentation interesting.

Speakers: Dr Phil Hemmingway (SEAI Head of Department, Low Carbon Technologies), joined by speakers from organisations who have previously benefited from SEAI RD&D funding.

Audience: Small, Medium & Large Companies; Semi-State & Public Bodies; Local Authorities; Universities; Institutes of Technology and Research Institutions.


13:00 – 13:45 Product of the Show Winner Presentation

The successful winners of the Energy Show Product of the Show competition will be announced. (Attendees can also visit the Product of Show display area to see the finalists' products)

Audience: Consultants, specifiers or anyone interested in knowing the leading sustainable energy innovations on the Irish market

14:00 – 14:45 Optimising energy efficiency in SMEs - a focus on lighting grants

This presentation will inform SMEs of grants available to significantly improve their energy efficiency, and reduce their energy costs. Lighting grants have been piloted and this session will present some experiences of small businesses and the savings that are possible through energy efficiency measures.


  • Ivan Sproule (Introduction of Grants)

Audience: small and medium businesses considering lighting retrofits, lighting suppliers and installers, SEAI intermediaries/coordinators

15:00 – 15:45 The new heat pump grant – how the supply chain can drive homes towards deeper upgrades

The purpose of this event is to announce the launch of the new heat pump grant through the Better Energy Homes programme. The format will be a panel discussion, inviting participation from the audience. The discussion will cover the importance of the Technical Advisor role in getting a house heat pump ready. It will also cover the process in becoming an SEAI registered Heat Pump installer and the key criteria to consider when applying for the grant.


  • John Randles – Head of Delivery, SEAI


  • Orla Coyle – Programme Manager – Near Zero Energy Buildings & High Performance Retrofit, SEAI
  • Dara Stewart – IHER Energy Services Ltd.- title tbc
  • Susan Andrews – Programme Executive – Delivery, SEAI
  • Calin Tasnadi – Chair - Heat Pump Association of Ireland

Audience: Contractors, BER Assessors, technology associations, housing associations, city councils and local authorities.

16:00 – 16:45 Applying Behavioural Economics to encourage energy saving behaviours

This event will inform: contractors, installers, Energy not-for-profits, ESCOs, and volunteer groups how to design their outreach activities to maximise the number of consumers choosing to retrofit their homes. It will also be of general interest to anyone interested in Behavioural Economics or who have read the Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler’s book “nudge”.


  • Andrew O’ Callaghan Behavioural Economics Unit, SEAI
  • Karl Purcell, Behavioural Economics Unit, SEAI

Audience: contractors, installers, energy not-for-profits, ESCOs and volunteer groups

Thursday 19th April

TimeEnergy Topic
10:00 – 10:45 Ireland's Offshore Energy Opportunities

SEAI are convening this panel to review and discuss the real opportunities that Ireland has to leverage energy from its vast renewable offshore resources. Representatives from Government, Research and Industry will present their views on Ireland’s real opportunity, how it can be sustainably exploited and what needs to be done to get things moving. Speakers on the panel will be giving a short presentation from their own viewpoint, to be followed by an open discussion with the audience. Speakers will be:



  • Patricia Comiskey, Ocean Energy Programme, SEAI - Facilitator
  • Bernie Comey, Assistant Principal Officer, DCCAE - "Interim Review of the Offshore Renewable Energy Plan"
  • Dr Val Cummins, Senior lecturer UCC & Principal Investigator MaREI - "Eirwind Project – Exploring Offshore Wind Opportunities"
  • Donagh Cagney, Policy Director, Ocean Energy Europe - "Offshore Opportunities for Ireland- A European Perspective"

Audience: ocean energy technology developers, researchers, supply chain providers or those with an interest in the emerging ocean energy sector.

11:00 – 11:45 Grants and Supports for Large Energy Users

This session will be of interest to all businesses and public bodies looking to get an overview of where SEAI can support them to reduce their energy demand, and how they can access various grant schemes.


  • Fergus Sharkey, SEAI

Audience: All business, both public and private sectors, who are considering taking steps to improve their energy efficiency.

12:00 – 12:45 Working towards Near-Zero Energy Buildings

The session will focus on the requirements for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and Major Renovations within the building stock.

The event will inform designers and contractors of the impact of the new regulations and update them on skills and certification schemes being developed.


  • Orla Coyle, SEAI: "What is NZEB" and Chair
  • Gary O’Sullivan, NSAI "NSAI certification schemes"
  • Cormac Allen, DIT "Upskilling Building Professionals in NZEB Design"
  • Michael O’Brien, WWETB "Upskilling Building Contractors to NZEB"
13:00 – 13:45 The big picture in numbers: Ireland’s energy progress

This session will explore the changing trends in Ireland’s energy use and supply. Presentations will examine Ireland’s recent progress towards its renewable energy targets and look at what we can expect as we approach 2020. This session will also include an interactive audience discussion on some of the big energy ideas which can help support Ireland’s energy transition.


  • Graham Brennan, SEAI
  • Martin Howley, SEAI
  • Emer Dennehy, SEAI
  • Jim Scheer, SEAI

Audience: Energy professionals, Energy service providers, academics, students, policy-makers, general members of the public

14:00 – 14:45 An update on electric vehicle supports, incentives and technology developments


  • Graham Brennan, EV Programme SEAI

Audience: Public interested in Evs

15:00 – 15:45 Solar PV in Ireland: Present and Future

This session will inform businesses and contractors with an interest in solar PV on the status of the industry in Ireland and its outlook for the future. Information on the current and possible future supports for solar will be discussed, as well as innovative new Building Integrated Photovoltaic products coming into the Irish market.


  • Brian Denvir, SEAI
  • Joe Herbert, Solmatix                 

Audience: SMEs, solar installers and suppliers, roofers, consultants


Open to all visitors

We ran a number of workshops over the course of the two days. Our workshops took place in meeting rooms surrounding the main exhibition area.

Please check out below the full schedule of workshops that took place to give you an idea of what to expect for the SEAI Energy Show 2019.

Register today

Wednesday 18th April

TimeEnergy Topic

10:00- 13:00

Overcoming the challenges of NZEB and Major Renovation, in coordination with CIBSE and RIAI.

Minerva Suite (Fully Booked)


This session will present feedback from industry on overcoming the challenges in meeting the new regulations.

Speakers & Details:

Opening address: Minister Damien English, Minister of State at the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government 


Update on Part L of the Building Regulations

Chair - Sarah Neary, Principal Advisor, DHPLG


  • Sean Armstrong, DHPLG

  • Chris Hughes & Orla Coyle, SEAI

NZEB for Dwellings.

  •  David Ross/ Pratima Washan, AECOM "Regulatory Impact Assessment for Part L Dwellings"

  • Simon Keogh – Coady Architects "Ventilation in dwellings"

NZEB for Non Domestic Buildings

Chair - Edith Blennerhassett, Director, Arup.


  • David Fitzpatrick – BDP Architect "Large secondary school + 3rd level education building designed"
  • Chris Croly – BDP M&E "Large secondary school + 3rd level education building designed"
  • Pat Kirwan – HJL  "NZEB in commercial buildings"                  

Audience: This session is aimed at industry professionals to show worked examples of how NZEB compliance can be achieved

11:00 – 12:00

An Introduction to ISO50001

Presidents Suite (Fully Booked)


This workshop will serve to inform attendees of the key concepts of ISO50001 and the commitment needed to attend our 2 day ISO50001 Implementation & Maintenance Programme on May 15th & 16th.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Business case for implementing the system
  • The regulatory drivers associated with adopting ISO50001
  • Some of the positive experiences organisations have achieved as a result of implementing structured energy management

The workshop will facilitate a discussion on the thematic struggle points that organisations encounter when implementing the system and how to overcome these issues.

Brief Agenda

  1. 20 min introduction to ISO50001 and identification of struggle points
  2. 25 min roundtable discussion on three questions for participants to discuss
  3. 10 min Q&A – course details for ISO50001 2 day May 15th & 16th

12:00 - 13:00

Behaviour Change for Energy Workshop

Presidents Suite (Fully Booked)


This short workshop will be an introduction to our 2 day Behaviour Change for Energy course in June 2018.

In a recent report 75% of energy managers surveyed claimed that employee engagement & behaviour change was a top priority. But they also listed it as one of the biggest barriers to getting their energy efficiency schemes off the ground. There is a growing awareness that behaviour change presents a relatively low cost option for energy saving compared to introducing more capital-intensive technology but how do you plan and embed such programmes across your organisation?

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Barriers to behaviour change & overcoming them
  • Supporting tools & interventions
  • Embedding behaviour change for energy in your site for the long term

Brief Agenda

  1. 20min intro & discussion of behaviour change for energy, barriers & drivers
  2. 25min round table discussion for attendees
  3. 10min Q&A – course details for Behaviour Change for Energy June 2018

14:00 – 17:00

Opportunities in the Wind Industry - A 'Meet the Buyer' Session

Minerva Suite


This event will inform suppliers of energy efficiency services and other small businesses of opportunities to provide goods and services that will be sourced by wind farms in their neighbourhood. This is a must because local sourcing by wind farms can provide a greater benefit to the local economy and community. This will serve to improve community relations with the wind industry.

A number of Buyers/Community relations officers from wind farm companies will give presentations on their portfolios of upcoming projects and community benefit schemes and the goods and services that will be sought for these.

Audience: Suppliers of energy efficiency and other goods and services

Thursday 19th April

TimeEnergy Topic

10:00 - 11.30

SEAI Contractor Workshop – Moving Towards Deep Retrofits

Minerva Suite (Fully Booked)


Speakers & Details:

The focus of this workshop is very much on deep retrofits for contractors. We will review the lessons learnt from recently completed deep retrofit case projects, delivered through the SEAI Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme, demonstrating good project management and the upstream work involved in getting it right. We are inviting guest speakers from associations e.g. Heat Pump association, details tbc.

Audience: Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Developers, Facility Managers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Energy Advisors.

10:00 - 13:00

2 degrees Camp - a bootcamp to help start your business

Committee Room


Sustainable Nation Ireland believes that the transition to a low-carbon economy is a HUGE opportunity for Irish businesses.


Sustainable Nation is bringing its business bootcamp – called 2oCamp – to the Energy Show to share its knowledge with existing businesses who may want to scale and grow, or entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to take it to the next level.


Our interest is to help develop business solutions that address climate change, so ideas can range from renewable energy to sustainable transport right through to new business models. It is open to a start-up or an existing business – everyone with an idea is welcome.


The bootcamp, facilitated by our Entrepreneur in Residence, Ron Immink, will put you through the steps and you will learn how to develop a successful green business. Our workbook, based on a proven methodology, is practical and direct. Topics covered include financials, market segmentation and value proposition, for example.


We believe the more successful you are, the bigger the positive climate impact your business can have.


Energy Audits and SI426 Compliance

Presidents Room (Fully Booked)


EU Legislation (Energy Efficiency Directive) mandated that large enterprises should have completed an energy audit of their operations by 5th December 2015 and every four years thereafter. The directive was transposed into Irish law in 2014 by SI 426.

If your organisation has 250 or more employees (on payroll), or an annual turnover in excess of €50m and an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43m, then this requirement applies to you.

The objective if this briefing is to provide large businesses who meet the compliance threshold with an overview of how SEAI will approach the next phase of the scheme in terms or compliance monitoring and implementing a Quality Assurance (QA) process. It will inform compliant businesses nearing the end of the first four year period in the audit requirement cycle and what non-compliant businesses must do comply with the directive from here on. Registered Energy Auditors will hear about SEAI plans for managing a QA process.


  • Overview of SI 426 and introduction to the briefing session: Ivan Sproule, SEAI
  • Energy Audit – how to ensure successful compliance: Michael Doyle, Energy Conservation Options
  • ISO 50001 - an alternative route to compliance: Richard Morrison, Optien
  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) - overview of UK experience, Robert Duncan, Mabbett
  • Registering as an Auditor – a New Route for Members of Engineers Ireland, John Kane, Engineers Ireland
  • The next phase: Ivan Sproule SEAI

Audience: Private Sector

10.30- 11.30

Wood Fuel Quality – The Vital Component for Consumer Value and Air Quality

Presidents Suite (Fully Booked)


Speakers & Details: Noel Gavigan (WFQA scheme)

In this talk Mr Gavigan will outline how the WFQA scheme is a critical component of ensuring correct air emissions from wood appliances and how this can be a component of Irelands adoption of wood fuels for commercial and industrial applications with the proposed RHI (SSRH). The Irish WFQA was the first scheme of its kind in Europe and is now being cited as an example for a European wide scheme

Audience: Energy consumers, in particular industrial and commercial heat

14:00 – 16:00

Installing Heat Pumps under SEAI’s Better Energy Homes Programme

Minerva Suite (Fully Booked)


This workshop will give an overview of the new SEAI heat pump grant, the importance of the Technical Advisor role in getting a house heat pump ready and key criteria to be considered when applying for the grant. It will provide in-depth details into the process of becoming an SEAI registered Heat Pump installer and the technical requirements of the heat pump code of practice.

Speakers: Orla Coyle, Antonella Uras SEAI

Audience: Targeting heat pump installers, contractors, BER assessors and technical advisors

14:00 - 16:00

CIBSE Homes for the Future Group: TM60 launch event

Merrion Room


CIBSE Ireland Chairperson and Technical Standards Development Programme Manager Paul Martin hosts a talk on Building Services Engineering and the Built Environment. CIBSE Ireland is entering its 50th year in Ireland and this year they are taking the opportunity to discuss the great work that CIBSE have done in the Built Environment

Please join us for the Irish launch of Good Practice in the Design of Homes, CIBSE TM60. This TM is aimed at helping building services engineers and other professionals working on the design and construction of homes deliver projects that are fit for purpose, comfortable, healthy and easy to operate and maintain. It also addresses resource efficiency and low carbon homes.