The Dairy Farm Grant will reopen in early 2019. To register your interest please contact your Teagasc advisor. The information below refers to the 2018 scheme.

About the scheme

Energy efficiency can strengthen dairy farms by helping cut costs, free up resources that can be invested in more productive activities, and increase resilience to volatile milk prices. Last year, SEAI piloted a scheme for dairy farmers that offered grant support for the retrofitting of vacuum and milk pumps.

In collaboration with Teagasc, we have launched a new scheme for 2018 that provides support for the installation of more efficient vacuum and milk pump technology. Farmers who are interested in investing in energy saving technology and promoting the 'Green' capability of Irish agriculture are sure to reap the financial benefits.

Please note that all works must be completed and all requests for payment must be submitted by the 28th September 2018.

Benefits of the scheme

Grant support helps dairy farmers implement specific technologies and achieve direct energy and cost savings. Farmers who participated in 2017’s pilot project reported:

  • Reduced running costs of vacuum pump/milk pump system
  • Reduced noise
  • Improved vacuum

Technologies covered

New Technology Installations Level of support (%) Maximum level of support Excluding VAT
  Single Phase Three Phase
Retrofit of complete new vacuum pump including  pump, motor and inverter VSD with controls 40% €5,000 €3,000
Retrofit of existing vacuum pump with inverter VSD and controls 40% €1,750 €1,250
Retrofit of milk pump with inverter VSD and controls, and pump and/or motor as required 40% €1,000   For Single & Three Phase      

Who should apply

The scheme is open to all dairy farmers supplying all major cooperatives. All herd sizes are covered, and both single and three phase electricity is eligible.

To be considered, applicants must:

  • Have a supplier number and be currently engaged in milk production, and
  • Be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine under the Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Scheme as a herd owner or herd keeper, or be a holder of another Department identifier.

How to apply

Submit the following to SEAI:

  1. Completed Energy Efficiency Dairy Grant Application Form
  2. Completed Certification of 2017 Milk Supply Form
  3. Evidence of herd number on a copy of letter/correspondence issued by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM)

All documentation should be submitted electronically in photograph or scanned images to . Scanned signatures are acceptable.

Intending applicants should read the Terms and Conditions in the Dairy Farm Grant Guide. Applicants are encouraged to obtain quotations from at least three suppliers to ensure that they get value for money. This information can be used to populate their application form.

SEAI will endeavour to process applications and issue a “Letter of Offer” to the farmer within four weeks. 

Successful applicants should only then proceed to purchase the new equipment to be installed when in receipt of this Letter of Offer.

The Letter of Offer must be signed and returned to SEAI within 14 days of the date of issue. All works must be completed and all requests for payment made by 28th September 2018.


Contact us

Contact your local Teagasc Advisor or Dairy Farm Advisor who can assist with information and completing the application documentation

Alternatively call or email SEAI for further details.


Call 01 808 2100