A high level overview of the requirements for a successful Sustainable Energy Communities funding application and project.

About the new pilot grant

The Sustainable Energy Community Pilot Grant is a new initiative which aims to encourage suitable Sustainable Energy Communities to participate in small to medium energy projects.

The grant call is now closed for 2018. Up to €3 million will be made available to communities in the Sustainable Energy Community network and a maximum of €200,000 grant funding is available per application. All projects must be completed by October 31st. Grant applications will be assessed on a first-come first-served basis.

Who should apply?

  • Current SEC network members
  • Communities who are considering joining the SEC network
  • Project coordinators and local contractors who are willing to transfer knowledge to local community groups

Pilot objectives

  • Empower communities to manage local energy projects. Skills transfer and development will be evaluated
  • Build on the SEC three-step process of Learn– Plan –Do. This grant offers an excellent 'Do' step opportunity
  • Build on existing energy awareness and knowledge within the community
  • Provide funding for small scale demonstration projects to showcase innovative energy solutions. This includes single community-owned building projects accessible to the public

How we evaluate projects

Value for money
  • Value to the Irish State
  • Energy savings achieved
  • Calculation methodology
Quality and delivery
  • Delivery commitment
  • Robust project planning
  • Submission and project quality
  • Procurement process
Community and partnership
  • Community empowerment
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Energy savings road map
  • Consider renewables where possible
  • Be as energy efficient as possible
  • Adopt smart technologies as appropriate

How to apply

The Sustainable Energy Community Pilot Grant Programme is now closed for applications for 2018.