A high level overview of the requirements for a successful Sustainable Energy Communities funding application and project.

About the new pilot grant

The Sustainable Energy Community Pilot Grant is a new initiative which aims to encourage suitable Sustainable Energy Communities to participate in small to medium energy projects.

The grant call is now open and applications will be open until July, or until funding is committed. Up to €3 million will be made available to communities in the Sustainable Energy Community network and a maximum of €200,000 grant funding is available per application. All projects must be completed by October 31st. Grant applications will be assessed on a first-come first-served basis.

Who should apply?

  • Current SEC network members
  • Communities who are considering joining the SEC network
  • Project coordinators and local contractors who ar willing to transfer knowledge to local community groups

Pilot objectives

  • Empower communities to manage local energy projects. Skills transfer and development will be evaluated
  • Build on the SEC three-step process of Learn– Plan –Do. This grant offers an excellent 'Do' step opportunity
  • Build on existing energy awareness and knowledge within the community
  • Provide funding for small scale demonstration projects to showcase innovative energy solutions. This includes single community-owned building projects accessible to the public

How we evaluate projects

Value for money
  • Value to the Irish State
  • Energy savings achieved
  • Calculation methodology
Quality and delivery
  • Delivery commitment
  • Robust project planning
  • Submission and project quality
  • Procurement process
Community and partnership
  • Community empowerment
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Energy savings road map
  • Consider renewables where possible
  • Be as energy efficient as possible
  • Adopt smart technologies as appropriate

How to apply

Prior to submitting an application, we would enourage you to submit an 'Expressions of Interest' via email to sec@seai.ie

The communities team will give feedback on your application and provide you with more information on potential partnerships in your area before you submit your final application online.

Apply today

  1. Download the necessary documents
  2. Submit a draft of your application to sec@seai.ie for feedback prior to submitting final application
  3. Apply online  
Apply today