As part of the Better Energy Homes programme, homeowners must carry out and publish a BER. This grant goes towards the cost of a BER assessment.

What is a BER

A BER Certificate is an indication of the energy performance of your home. It must be carried out by a registered BER assessor. Find further information on BERs.

BER grant amount

Energy Efficient MeasuresGrant Value
Building Energy Rating (BER) €50

Do more, receive more

If you complete three measures your grant value will be increased by €300. If you complete four measures your grant value will be increased by an additional €100. A total of €400.

Who can apply

Anyone who has had SEAI grant related works done to their home. Having a BER certificate published is one of the requirements for payment of the grant

How to apply

  1. Your application for a BER assessment grant is included in your Better Energy Homes grant application.
  2. Once your works under the Better Energy Homes programme have been completed, contact a registered assessor for BER assessment.
  3. You must carry out a BER assessment in order to receive your Better Energy Homes grant.
  4. View our full guide to the Better Energy Homes grant application process.


You must complete the works and return the paperwork within 6 months from the date of the grant offer. You can find the expiry date in your offer letter.

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