The Prototype Development Fund aims to stimulate the development of ocean energy devices and systems.

Suitable projects

We are seeking industry led projects for the following activities:

  • Projects to develop and test wave and tidal energy capture devices and systems
  • Independent monitoring of projects and technologies
  • Integrating ocean energy into the electricity market and the national electricity grid
  • Data monitoring, forecasting, communications and control of ocean energy systems
  • Research projects by third level institutions, research centres, and centres of excellence

Funding levels available

The level of funding will be decided on a case by case basis. The maximum funding level for a project depends on:

  • The category of research
  • The size of your organisation
  • Collaboration efforts

Eligible funding is calculated through a detailed evaluation of the project. Maximum levels can be seen in the application guide in the downloads section below.

Who can apply

The scheme is open to the public and private sector based in Ireland or carrying out projects in Ireland. In some circumstances, we may fund Irish organisations for work completed overseas. This work must be necessary to complete the project, or solve specific Irish issues.

How to apply

The call is currently open for applications to the Prototype Development Fund. We recommend reading the Application Guide below before you apply.

Please submit the form and associated documents by email to You must submit a valid Tax Clearance Certificate with your completed application form. The decision time from the receipt of a completed application form is 8 to 12 weeks.

Ocean Energy Network

We are a member of OCEANERA-NET, a network of 16 national and regional funders. It incorporates managers of research and innovation programmes from 9 European Countries. The network coordinates funding programmes between European countries to support ocean energy innovation.

Contact us

Call 01 808 2198