Manufacturer Aga
Trade name Rayburn
Model name 680 KCD
First Manufactured 2010
Last manufactured current
Efficiency band A
Seasonal efficiency 92.2% Efficiency category SEDBUK Certified
Output Power 23.45 - 23.45 kW
Main type Cooker boiler with separately controlled twin burners Fuel Oil
Condensing Flue Room-sealed
Fan assistance Fan Run Time Indicator No Run Time Indicator
Seasonal Efficiency Equation used 201
Burner control On-off Ignition No
Elec. power firing 75W not firing 0W
Power Output to Water (Φwater) 23.450kW Case Loss at Full Output (Φcase) 0.000kW
Tested by Body Certificate No. 8514/2
Primary Trade Association
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Station Road
01952 642000