Manufacturer Aga
Trade name Stanley
Model name Brandon 80 CD CF
First Manufactured 2011
Last manufactured current
Efficiency band A
Seasonal efficiency 92.2% Efficiency category SEDBUK Certified
Output Power 23.45 - 23.45 kW
Main type Cooker boiler with separately controlled twin burners Fuel Oil
Condensing Flue Open
Fan assistance Fan Run Time Indicator No Run Time Indicator
Seasonal Efficiency Equation used 201
Burner control On-off Ignition No
Elec. power firing 100W not firing 1W
Power Output to Water (Φwater) 23.450kW Case Loss at Full Output (Φcase) 0.000kW
Tested by Body Certificate No. 8514/3
Primary Trade Association
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Station Road
01952 642000