The October Bank Holiday heralds the arrival of the darker, shorter days of winter. With less daylight during our waking hours we’ll all need to rely on our light switch a little more often, leading to higher electricity bills in the winter months.

​Following the EU ban on the sale of halogen bulbs last month, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is encouraging households to make the swap to energy efficient LEDs this winter. Not only do LEDs use less energy, they last longer and can help reduce your electricity bills instantly!


Six Reasons to Switch to LEDs this Winter


1. Lower Electricity Bills

Switching a single 42-watt halogen lightbulb to an energy efficient 9-watt LED will save about €7.00 per year. LEDs are often only a little more expensive than their halogen counterpart, but can save you money in the long-term.


2. They Last Longer

Halogen bulbs typically dim over time and fail after about two years. LEDs last up to ten times longer.


3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

LEDs use approximately a fifth of the energy of halogen bulbs. The EU wide phase-out of halogen lightbulbs will prevent carbon emissions equal to the total annual emissions of over half a million Irish households.


4. One for Every Occasion

LED bulbs are now available for almost any purpose. In addition to regular bulbs and spotlight-style bulbs; chandelier-shaped bulbs, three-way bulbs and even Christmas lights are on the market. Newer LED bulbs are branded as "soft white" or "warm white" that glow just like an old-fashioned incandescent. Some LEDs are also dimmable and can change colour, making it easier to produce light effects almost anywhere.


5. They Fit Existing Sockets

Most LEDs fit existing light sockets, just make sure you match the fitting to the one you are buying. The best way to do this is to take the old bulb along with you.


6. They are better for the environment

Unlike CFLs, LEDs are mercury free which is better for the environment.