A joint campaign by SEAI and the OPW to promote energy efficiency behaviour at work, at home and as we travel

As part of the National Energy Security Framework (NESF), the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the Office of Public Works (OPW) are working together to develop and deliver the energy efficiency campaign ‘Reduce Your Use’ for public bodies and schools.

About the campaign

By reducing our energy use at work and at home, we can limit our reliance on expensive, imported fossil fuels. Our aim is to help your organisations like yours to reduce energy use and deliver energy savings.

Awareness campaigns such as this can typically deliver 5 to 10% energy savings.

Running from September to March, we will promote monthly energy saving topics, such as:

  • How to run an energy awareness campaign
  • Controlling your heating
  • Cutting energy bills at home
  • Christmas shutdown
  • Active travel

This campaign will be delivered and supported through Energylink, SEAI's online portal for public sector bodies.

Organisations who sign up will have the opportunity to develop energy management plans to sustain and continually improve savings, with support from SEAI.

Participating organisations will be supported with energy awareness resources such as:

  • Posters and promotional materials for activites
  • Mentoring and advice
  • Live webinars


How to sign up

The 'Reduce your Use' challenge is open to all public sector bodies and schools.

If you would like to sign up and avail of the many supports and materials available during the campaign period, please complete the registration form below.

Sign up today

Join our campaign's support network

Once you sign up to the campaign, you will join a network hosted through EnergyLink which will provide:

  • A forum for those involved in the campaign to receive materials and mentoring
  • The opportunity to ask questions and share experiences of your energy awareness journey with your peers
  • Monthly, themed activities for your team to take part in

Members of the campaign will be contacted regularly with updates through EnergyLink.

Want to go further?

For organisations that wish to go a bit deeper in setting up a staff engagement programme, SEAI are offering limited places on an “Advanced Engaging People Accelerator” programme.  SEAI will provide masterclasses on planning, implementing and maintaining a staff engagement programme, tailored advice, graphic design support for customised campaign materials and phone and on site mentoring. Places are available by application only; please sign up to the Reduce your Use community of practice on EnergyLink to download the brochure and the application form.

OPW run staff energy conservation activities in 300  large public sector buildings. Throughout the Reduce your Use campaign, OPW will continue to provide energy advisor support and materials aligned with the overall campaign. For more information please see the website Optimising Power @ Work