Energy Wise Cavan carried out deep retrofits of 34 homes and 10 non-residential buildings. These buildings included schools, community centres, church buildings and local businesses, located in Cavan town and the surrounding area.


  • 1.4m

    kWh of energy savings
  • 34

    Homes deep retrofitted
  • 10

    Year energy roadmap

Key achievements

Innovative funding

Homeowners and community groups were able to afford to carry out deeper retrofits by using an extended credit model that relied partially on energy savings.

Long-term approach

Energy Wise Construction worked with the community to create a 10-year roadmap for the town, with the goal of developing a zero energy, self-sufficient community.

34 homes upgraded

Non-residential properties retrofitted included the Royal School Cavan, the Cavan Centre, Tullacmongan Resource Centre, Castletara Hall, and Killeshandra Church.

The project

Energy Wise Construction worked with the Cavan community to secure the Better Energy Community (BEC) grant. They worked together with six partners, including the Royal School Cavan, the Cavan Centre, Tullacmongan Resource Centre, Castletara Hall, Killeshandra Church, Milltown Church, Parochial House and National School. The Energy Wise project included a variety of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures implemented across a range of building types.

To carry out these non-residential upgrades, they also drew on technical support and advice from the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST), an EU Interreg programme, through the Cavan Innovation and Technology Centre. Typical retrofit works to the non-residential buildings included replacing existing oil boilers with heat pumps or high efficiency condensing boilers, installation of solar PV and solar thermal panels and LED lighting upgrades.

They carried out comprehensive upgrade work to residential houses, including the installation of heat pumps, roof and external wall insulation, window and door replacements, solar PV, solar thermal panels and solid fuel stoves.

Energy Wise Construction also developed an innovative financing model to enable home owners and community groups to carry out deeper retrofits than they might otherwise have been able to afford. Through an extended credit model, they made €100,000 of funding available for residential upgrades, to be paid by the homeowner partly through energy savings, over a five year period. A further €75,000 was made available to community groups also to be partly paid from their energy savings over a ten year period. This allowed the communities to be more ambitious in the retrofit measures they adopted.

A community should be a community for the future, not just for a few years.
Bernard Farrell, Energy Wise

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