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    Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Baseline Emissions Report

    This baseline report aims to raise awareness of climate change and the impact that different sectors in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown region have on Ireland’s overall carbon emissions.


    Tyre Labelling Regulations

    A guide to tyre retailers obligation's under the EU Tyre Labelling Regulations


    Mechanical Extract Ventilation Safety Notice

    Form for the installation of mechanical extract ventilation


    Energy-related CO2 emissions in Ireland Infographic

    CO2 Emissions from Energy Use in Ireland

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    Energy-related CO2 emissions in Ireland 2005-2016

    Understanding the trends and drivers for energy-related emissions is critical to making informed policy decisions. This report provides that evidence by supplying insights into historical trends of energy-related emissions.


    HPAI Heat Pump Code of Practice

    Heat Pump Code of Practice and Installation Guidelines from the Heat Pump Association of Ireland.

    /resources/publications/HPAI Heat Pump Code of Practice

    Domestic BER Dashboard

    Domestic BER Dashboard for Assessors

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    Non Domestic BER Dashboard

    Non Domestic Monthly BER dashboard

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    Deap4 eZine

    The DEAP4 e-zine and accompanying videos outline the new functionality of the DEAP4 software and how it will benefit you.

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    Public Sector Energy Programme Support Manual

    From getting started, to getting strategic and delivering impactful results, this manual sets out the programme of supports available to you in the Public Sector to deliver on energy efficiency.