• Handbook

    Homeowner's Guide to Solar Thermal

    How you can benefit from investing in solar thermal.

    • Handbook

    Homeowner's Guide to Attic Rafter Insulation

    A guide to how homeowners can benefit from attic and rafter insulation

    • Handbook

    Homeowner's Guide to Ventilation

    A guide to how homeowner's can benefit from investing in ventilation.

    • Infographic

    Energy in Ireland 1990-2016 Infographic

    Infographic highlighting the key statistics of Ireland energy use against targets.

    • Report

    Energy in Ireland 1990-2016

    This annual publication presents national energy statistics on energy production and consumption in Ireland over the period 1990 – 2016. Specifically, the report presents energy trends and underlying drivers as well as discussion on sectoral energy consumption and how energy trends relate to Government and EU renewable energy targets.

    • Report

    Potential Biomass Prices in Ireland

    • Report

    Interface Analysis and report for incorporation and alignment of data from biomethane study into RHI work stream

    • Report

    2017 Annual Report on Public Sector Energy Efficiency Performance

    This is the fourth annual report on the energy efficiency performance of public bodies in Ireland. It is set in the context of Ireland’s EU and national commitments and wider climate change goals, whereby a target of 33% energy efficiency improvement is to be achieved by all Irish public bodies by 2020.


    ESB Technology Readiness levels for Supply Chain Study for WestWave


    HMRC Protocall for testing