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Classification: Battery Electric

Vehicle Category N1
Motor Power Output (kW) 80
Regenerative Breaking Yes
Drive Type (Front/Rear) Front wheel drive
Curb Weight (mass of vehicle in running order) (kg) 1494
Electric Range (km) 163
Max Speed (kph) 123
Acceleration 0-100kph (s) 10.6
Energy Consumption (Wh/km) 165 (weighted average)
Energy Consumption (Litres/100km) 0 (weighted average)
Tail Pipe CO2 Emissions (gCO2/km) (Direct Emissions) 0 (weighted average)
Warranty and Safety
Vehicle Warranty 3 years (or 100,000km)
Battery Warranty 5 years
Euro NCAP Safety Rating 0 to 5 stars (if available from Euro NCAP) 3 stars
Vehicle Charging & Battery
Max Home Charge (Standard Domestic) 3.6kW
Max Fast Charge (Fast Charger Station) 50kW
Battery Supplier AESC
Battery Size (kWh) 24