Looking for a good reason to switch to an electric vehicle? Read on to discover the many benefits EVs offer their owners.

Reasons to drive an EV

Electric vehicles are cheaper

  • An electric vehicle can reduce your transport fuel costs by 74% compared to a similar diesel engine car.
  • You can save up to €10,000 off the cost of an EV when you apply for an SEAI grant and avail of the zero VRT incentive.
  • Electricity from publicly accessible EV chargers is currently free so the cost of driving from one part of the country to another is reduced even further.
  • Costing €120 per annum, EVs have the lowest rate of motor tax available in Ireland.

Nationwide charge point infrastructure

There are over 1,200 public charging points, installed by the ESB, around Ireland. Check out ESB's interactive map for the nearest charge point to you. A motorway fast charge station takes approximately 20 minutes to charge a car to 80% capacity, this facility is currently free.

Better for our health and the environment

An electric car can drive with zero emissions in our cities while making our lives quieter. Emissions of NOX and particulates in cities are now a major health and environmental concern.

Almost one quarter of the electricity supplied to an EV is generated from clean renewable energy in Ireland. The average amount of renewable biofuels mixed and included in Ireland’s transport fossil fuel was only 3% in the same period.

Travel further with longer range

Many EVs on the market in Ireland now have a real-life range of between 250-300km.

A growing choice

There are currently 25 EVs models now available in Ireland that qualify for grant support from SEAI with more to come.

Join a growing community of EV drivers

Over 3600 EVs have been grant aided in Ireland since the grants were launched in 2010 with sales increasing significantly every year.

Meet Liam Brady, an EV driver

Liam, a school teacher from Navan talks to us about his daily work commute with the BMW i3.