Use these books, lessons, interactive white board activities and worksheets to teach your pupils about energy through the Primary Science Curriculum.

Exploring our Energy

These resources will help children learn about energy through the Primary Curriculum within Social, Environmental and Scientific education (SESE). Exploring our Energy is based on a spiral approach in which similar themes are covered at each class level: Junior & Senior Infants, 1st & 2nd Class, 3rd & 4th Class, 5th & 6th Class.

Teacher guidelines

See the Teacher Guidelines for an outline of the programme and the links with the strands units of the Primary Science Curriculum.

Interactive whiteboard lesson

In order to use the Interactive Whiteboard Lessons you will need to download Active Inspire from Promethean World. You may find our instructions on downloading and Installing ActivInspire.pdf helpful.

Junior and senior infants teacher book

1st and 2nd class teacher book

3rd and 4th class teacher book

5th and 6th class teacher book

Additional resources

Resources marked with an asterisk * are available for free in hard copy from

The Energy File book*

Ideas for teaching energy in the SESE curriculum for senior primary classes - English version / Irish version

The Story of Energy

Guzzler resources

Guzzler Posters*

Raise awareness in your school about energy with these 5 posters.
English one side, Irish reverse - to order your posters e-mail

Guzzler's Big Book on Energy*

A large story book suitable for infants and 1st class.

English version / Irish version

Guzzler Investigates Energy*

Ideas for teaching energy in the SESE curriculum for junior primary classes

English version / Irish version (online only)

Make your own windmill

Download the template and make windmills with the class.

Lesson plans for senior primary classes

SEAI Bouncing Balls Experiment

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