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Primary Teacher Workshop

Tools to teach energy in the classroom

Book a free workshop and learn how to use the Primary Science resources in the classroom. This one hour workshop will give you all the tools you need to teach energy and sustainability in the SESE curriculum.

We will explain the key features of the resources including interactive whiteboard use, inquiry based science approaches and the spiral nature of the programme.

Workshop format

The workshop can be done as part of your schools planning day or Croke Park hours. This is subject to school management approval in accordance with DES circulars.

The session will take the following format:

  • Demonstration of a simple classroom investigation and the associated interactive whiteboard resource.
  • Overview of the programme; its structure, resources, curriculum links, skills development and the various types of science investigations involved.
  • Demonstration of how the interactive whiteboard resources can be used to:
  • Promote classroom discussion.
  • Aid with the exploring, planning and evaluation stages in a Design and Make activity.
  • An inquiry based science lesson in action. The teachers get to design and carry out an investigation in groups and record and communicate their findings.
  • Demonstration of a Teacher-led investigation and overview of other SEAI workshops and resources.

Duration and location

The is a one hour workshop and can be held after school hours in your school.

Numbers required
We request that schools have a minimum of 10 teachers and a maximum of 20 to participate in the training. Smaller schools in the same area have the opportunity to join together and larger schools can be split into two groups if required.

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Junior Cycle for Teachers Workshop Series

Suitable for Geography, Maths, Home Economics and Science

SEAI are working with the JCT on CDP workshops on the theme of Oceans. These workshops take place on the following dates:

  • 2nd March - Dublin Zoo (fully booked)
  • 23rd March - Sligo Education Centre
  • 6th April - Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium, Co. Kerry

For full details on the programme visit the JCT website.

Bookings can only be make via the JCT registration website.

Absolutely wonderful workshop by Una. Have recommended the workshop to all of my colleagues
Anna Redfern, Teacher, Villiers School, Limerick

Post Primary Teacher Workshop

Suitable for JC Science Teachers

This workshop examines the concept of the energy theme across the Nature of Science and Physical World strands of the new Junior Cycle Science specification. It focuses on energy efficiency and conversions.

This 90-minute workshop is very 'hands-on' and will look at the SEAI online resources which are suitable for use among various themes of the Junior Cycle specification in particular the Nature of Science strands.

The workshop is suitable for all teachers, student teachers, and Professional Masters of Education, as it is aligned with the specification and provides plenty of ideas for teaching these concepts in the classroom.

Attendance at the workshop can contribute to Croke Park hours, at the discretion of school management approval in accordance with DES circulars.

Workshop content

The following learning outcomes will be covered:

  • PW 2 Identify and calculate electrical power
  • PW 6 Analyse processes in terms of energy changes and dissipation
  • PW 7 Design, build and test a device that transforms energy from one form to another in order to perform a function; describe the energy changes and ways of improving efficiency

Duration and location

This is a 90 minute workshop and can be held at a time that suits teachers

Numbers required
We request that schools have a minimum of 6 teachers and a maximum of 15 to participate in the training. Schools are encouraged to cluster to achieve minimum numbers.

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